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  Laura & Indiegrrl

For Immediate Release Monday February 12, 2001:


Indiegrrl, the world's largest cooperative of female musical artists and All Indie, an artist development compnay focused on the distribution, promotion and marketing of independent music, announced today the formation of Indiegrrl Records (IGR) and IGR's first artist signings.

"We've chosen these singular artists out of the now 1,100 Indiegrrl members not just becuase they are great recording artists and performers who have already developed a name for themselves in the music industry but also because they have shown a desire to work cooperatively when much of the music business teaches artists to be competitive," said Indiegrrl Records Founder and President Holly Figueroa. "We're very excited about partnering with All Indie, a company in the forefront of indie distribution. We are confident that this alliance will create a new model for other indie labels and will show once again that women are a force in the music industry."

The signed artists will promote their releases cooperatively, with combined resources and IGR label tours, with All Indie providing regional and national distribution, in addition to other distribution methods to be announced at a later date.

Tom Chernaik, founder of All Indie, noted that "Indiegrrl has helped guide thousands of independent musicians. We believe that Indiegrrl Records will expand on that mission and provide a unique and invaluable opportunity to its artists. These artists have faced the obstacles presented by the traditional music business, and together we have created a viable solution for them to succeed individually and as a cooperative."

The first Indiegrrls signed to IGR, with their release dates and home cities, are:

Halley DeVestern (Feb ~ March), Brooklyn, NY
Wishing Chair (March ~ April), Lexington, KY
Liz Queler (April ~ May), New York, NY
Laura Wood (May ~ June), Northampton, MA
Che Zuro (June ~ July), Los Angeles, CA
Ann Klein (July ~ August), New York, NY

A second group of artists will be announced in April 2001.